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Harvest More Energy

Dirty and dust covered solar panels cannot fully utilize the sunlight that they are exposed to. Dust, bird droppings and urban pollution can cut your electricity output by 10% to 30%.

Regular cleaning helps improve the efficiency of your solar system so you can increase your energy production.

American Solar Cleaning Company helps you get the most out of your clean energy investment so you can continue enjoying your green energy alternative system for years to come.

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Image of a utility scale solar farm.

Save Money
Utility Scale

Solar clouding, also know as panel soiling, reduces the generating output from photovoltaic (PV) installations. All PV manufacturers recommend regular cleaning. Solar clouding directly reduces the generating efficiency of PV modules. The economic benefit of increased production greatly outweighs the cost of periodic maintenance of the PV panel surface.

Image of a solar farm, on top of a commercial building.

Increase Efficiencies

Regular cleaning is essential to operate multiple solar panel arrays efficiently

Solar panels lose their efficiency when covered with dirt, dust, minerals, salts in rain water, pollution and bird droppings. This will reduce the amount of sun that gets through to your solar cells. Manufacturers recommend that panels should be cleaned more frequently. By keeping your solar panels clean you will get a faster return on your investment.

Image of solar panels on the roof of a residential building.

More Energy

It is important to take good careof your solar panels to get the most out of your investment. Without regular cleaning the panels in a solar array will degrade and their electrical output will drop dramatically. We can easily access small rooftop solar arrays to ensure they are cleaned and operating at maximum efficiency. Clean solar panels will maintain your intevestment and ensure peak proformance.

American Solar Cleaning Company Provides Simple And Cost‑Effective Cleaning To Increase Your Energy Production

We use the most advanced cleaning machines on the market and can accommodate any size solar array site from large scale solar farms to small commercial roof top installations. We offer flexible solar panel cleaning programs and maintenance services across the U.S. at competitive prices.


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