Our Equipment

Purpose-Built Solar Panel Cleaning Systems

Access and flexibilty are key advantages of our advanced solar panel cleaning systems. We us specialized utility vehicles, purpose-built brush heads, deionized water and remote-controlled Wash Bots that are operated by experienced technicians who understand the sensitivity of the panel surface.

We consider the environment and the property to make sure there is no ground damage or compaction to fields. Our tracked vehicles can cope with all types of terrain, dry or boggy, with minimum soil damage to acces hard-to-reach solar panels in confined areas or on narrow aisles. An articulating boom can access high-reach panels from two to six panels high. The matchines power a spinning, soft foam brush head that rests on the panels at a specific pressure and is moved along the tables by the carrier vehicle.

Built-in waterjets using our own deionized water that we bring to the site eliminatethe streaks and the risk of oxidizing the aluminum frames.

We can accommodate your site from large scale solar farms to small commercial rooftop sites
Our system allows us to clean 12,000 solar panels in just 8 hours!


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